Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Casey Bridges, new work

As the upcoming show season approaches,  Casey and I are both immersed in the work of Classical Greek sculpture.  Here you can see Casey's next addition to Sacred Stone,  Hermes' foot...

The next step is to add the sandal.

Hermes? What should we call this Greek God?

Hermes?  What should we call this Greek God?  As the commission to create a 3 foot mask fragment of a Classical Greek God progresses,  I wonder who it is that is showing up under my hands?  Here he is so far,  a work in progress....

The negative space is almost as important as the positive space of any sculpture.  So,  as I work on the big piece, I practice breaking various pieces in order to find the just right shape for the fragment. In this photo you can see the small "maquette" size  mask,  broken in to various shapes.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring is coming, Garden Temples, Greek Gods and encaustic painting

This is my first blog,  ever!  I have come to realize how little I update my website and yet how much work I do and how many new projects I am always instigating.  So here it is,  an almost real time account of the art of me,  Deborah Bridges. 

  This year,  as every year,  when winter nears its end I have sculpture projects to finish up for the new season.  Temples are in my mind and on the drawing board.  Garden Temples where the altar space is left open,  to be used in one's own way to honor the sacred as one perceives sacred.  I will have photos soon.  And then there is the new  medium  of encaustic that I have fallen in love with.  My new home and studio led me to finally realize my love of painting with beeswax.  Here are some of my new encaustic paintings...

4 ft by 4 ft



close-ups of the paintings show the marks and layers that add richness and depth


                                                                  3 ft by 8 ft


  In the meantime,  I am busy working on two commissions.   The first one is a three foot mask fragment of a Greek God.  The maquette is almost finished...still working on the eyes, obviously.  After I finish the whole head,  I will cut it in half and begin breaking it until I have just the right fragment shape.  The negative space,  what's not there, being just as important as what is there.   My next commission is for an ear, nose and throat clinic.  I'll wait to say any more on that commission till its further along. I'll give you a hint,  they are not interested in a four foot nose or